Monday, 23 April 2012

Vintage Kodak Cameras

We're having a bit of a love affair with vintage cameras at the moment. Having spent our days at art college with beautiful Pentax K1000s we feel ourselves being drawn back to film photography. Don't get us wrong, we love our DSLRs but the nostalgia we feel for film cameras is strong!

Partly fuelled by the cult of Lomo and partly by the romance of an almost lost age of photography. Who could forget that excited feeling when you got your photos back from the chemist? Film photography is almost a lost art but one that is making a comeback.

My new love is a Kodak Reinette made in the 50s but new in our shop (because I'm not allowed to keep everything beautiful I find... is a Kodak Box Brownie Popular, made in the late 30s,

 a Kodak Folding Brownie also made in the late 1930s,

and last but not least a gorgeous Kodak Brownie 44A a beauty from the late 50s.

All of these cameras are beautiful in their own way, all collectible and all waiting for a new home to love them. Eastman Kodak though currently in dire straits was the company that could easily claim to have documented the 20th century through film - why don't they embrace their past by creating some of their beauties from the past now their is a cult boom in film cameras? Just a thought!

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